Posted on 14th December, 2022

Relevant Aspects of Video Optimisation

If you want your videos to be easily discoverable and accessible to users and search engines, you need to optimise them well. Video optimisation is important because videos are increasingly being used as a form of content marketing, and properly optimised videos can improve the user experience as well as drive more traffic to your website.

Thus, today, we will talk about the elements of video optimisation. These tips should help you to start optimising your videos properly.


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SEO can also be applied to videos. Video titles, descriptions and tags should include a well-written piece of text that describe the video in the best way and includes relevant keyword. This will help search engines understand what your videos are about, and increase the chances that they will appear in search results for those keywords. Use compelling, descriptive and interesting titles and descriptions to draw people’s attention and encourage them to watch your videos.


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Apart from optimising the metadata of your videos, it’s also important to consider their format and size. This is because different video formats are supported by different devices and browsers, and larger video files can take longer to load. We recommend using a widely-supported video format such as MP4. Keep your video file as small as possible without sacrificing its quality. This will help you improve your user experience and watch time of your video. 


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Remember to think about all your audience, including people with disabilities who are deaf or hard of hearing. Provide captions and transcript with each video if possible. By providing closed captions and transcripts, you can improve the user experience and increase the visibility of your videos in search results.

To sum up, by including relevant keywords and phrases, using a widely-supported video format, and providing closed captions and transcripts, you can improve the discoverability and accessibility of your videos, and drive traffic to your website.


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