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How does the free Facebook Ads account audit work?

Our Paid Media experts are on hand to analyse your Facebook Ads account. All we’ll need is a few pieces of information and we’ll request access to your account. Once you accept, a member of our team will begin to generate a report providing details of where your account is letting you down and suggestions for where it can be improved. We’ll then record a 15 minute video where we talk through your report, so that when you receive it – it will make much more sense to you.



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Facebook Ads Audit FAQs

Is it really a free Facebook Ads audit? Surely there's a catch?

Yes, it's completely free. Our "Why" is to help people and by offering a free Facebook Ads audit, we're able to help businesses to improve their websites and increase the amount of people they help too. Of course, we offer digital marketing services and many people that receive the review ask us for more help - but there's no obligation.

How long will it take for my review to be ready?

The standard "Facebook Ads Audit" will be conducted by a member of our team and is delivered to your inbox within 7 working days.

Am I obligated to work with Visibility Agency?

No. We help businesses to understand what they need to do to grow their businesses through digital marketing - some people opt to learn digital marketing for themselves and some people decide to ask us professionals for help. It's entirely your choice.

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Facebook Ads Audit

We provide bespoke, personalised Facebook Ads Account Audit with no hidden catches. Be sure to request yours today.

Personalised Video Review

Our team record a bespoke video of your Facebook Ads Account Audit 5 – 7 days after you’ve requested your free review. Keep your eyes peeled because we’ll be sending you an email which contains your audit.