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Bespoke Funeral Care

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See how we supported the East Midlands Funeral care provider with Google Ads, SEO and Website Design support.

Client Overview

Bespoke Funeral Care are one of the East Midlands leading funeral care providers with a range of beautiful funeral services. They help to make sad occasions personal and thoughtful for loved ones.

The Brief

Managing Director of Bespoke Funeral Care, William Barron approached Visibility for support with paid search campaigns during the Covid-19 pandemic. We were able to develop a number of local campaigns for the East Midlands region to support the growth of this business. We were later tasked with the improvement of the website to help increase the number of relevant traffic and website enquiries. Our website development team were able to design a website that was more user friendly and more likely to convert users into leads.

The Strategy

As with all service based businesses, we had to look at how our competitors operate and how people are searching for these services. As this is a local business, search terms were often very localised, for example “funeral directors Nottingham”. The research showed how people searched and in which locations. We were then able to design content to match the search terms and deliver landing pages which meet the needs of the target audience. We designed landing pages that clearly show trust signals to encourage website visitors that this company have an experience and expertise to be trusted with the final send off of loved ones. Trust signals such as reviews, testimonials, images and videos of previous funerals, images of the team are all able to support the building of trust between new website visitors and the brand that is Bespoke Funeral Care.

The Results

The team at Visibility were able to greatly impact the number of enquiries received since taking over the management of the website and the Google Ads account. Although we cannot disclose the exact number, since adjusting the landing pages and campaign structure the number of funeral calls and actual funerals conducted has increased hugely.

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