Posted on 2nd November, 2022

11 Ways To Improve Your eCommerce Email Automation Strategy

Are you trying to improve email automation for your eCommerce store but don’t know how? You’ve come to the right place. Email automation can be an incredible way to build relationships. The term “marketing automation” refers to a set of techniques that enable a business to automate certain marketing actions throughout the whole customer’s journey. We’re a digital marketing agency that specialises in Email Marketing and Email Automation strategies for our clients. Below you’ll find 11 Ways To Improve Your eCommerce Email Automation Strategy.

1. Multiple Newsletters Are More Effective Than 1

Everybody has known for a very long time that a company newsletter can help to re-engage your customers and encourage people to come back to purchase again and again. However, a lot of marketers make the mistake that there is simply 1 newsletter for all customers – and this way of thinking reduces the effectiveness of the content which is sent. We would recommend segmenting your visitors, either on signup or at a later date when they purchase from a particular range. If you have multiple newsletters going out each week and month, with specific messages to specific audiences – you’re likely to reduce people who subscribe and increase sales.


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Email Automation for Ecommerce

2. Cross-selling Campaigns Are A Forgotten Gem

Once a customer has purchased, they often get ignored. They might be opted into the monthly newsletter but they’re not always actively engaged with. This is a big missed opportunity. These people have been through your sales process, they are already on-board with your concept, your messaging, your products and your team – so let’s try to sell more. Cross selling is suggesting other products which accompany the products already purchased. These campaigns, if executed correctly, can bring in huge numbers of additional sales – with limited effort.

Email Automation for Ecommerce

3. Your Customers Don't Know Everything About You

It’s often the case that when customers purchased from you, they came to your website for a specific need and you were able to fulfil that need. It might not be so obvious to a marketing manager whose daily life is the business that the customers might not fully know everything about the brand and the product offering. In this case, we advocate campaigns which educate your customers to the other areas you provide value. These campaigns can be launched from day one and aren’t exclusive to upselling or cross selling – they are simply generating awareness of your full offering.


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Email Automation for Ecommerce

4. Test Headlines To Reduce People Opting Out

Be honest, when was the last time you did A / B testing on your newsletter headlines? I won’t tell anybody. This is a hugely overlooked technique for generating sales and interest. By sending an email out which only 1 headline is a complete guess that it will be successful We advocate testing multiple headlines, analysing the data before sending to your whole list. The point is to increase engagement and reduce people opting out of your mailing list.

5. Stage 1 Campaigns: What Makes Your Target Audience Tick

There are multiple stages of the Customer Lifecycle, this is Stage 1: Capture Leads. The very first stage is actually being able to generate a list of email subscribers that have opted into receiving communications from you. You need to get creative and really consider hard what makes your target audience tick, what would they engage with and what type of content would they find useful and interesting. Once you have the idea nailed – you need to decide which medium that content will be, whether it’s a video, a podcast or PDF. Then you need to find the right team to help you action the outreach to build your email database.


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6. Stage 2 Campaigns: Convincing People To Become A Lead - In Their Own Time

There are multiple stages of the Customer Lifecycle, this is Stage 2: Indoctrination. This is the second stage which relates to campaigns to people who have opted into receiving email communications from you. These people aren’t leads, they haven’t explicitly shown their intent to purchase but they are your target market. The purpose of this stage is to convince these people to become interested and become a lead, in their own time. These types of campaigns look to add value and provide useful, interesting and insightful information that this specific group of people would like to read and watch. There should be value driven and there should be an opportunity for these people to request an asset which is more aimed at your product range. If they download this type of asset, they are signalling buyer intent. 

7. Stage 3 Campaigns: A Helping Hand For Your Sales Team

There are multiple stages of the Customer Lifecycle, this is Stage 3: Nurture and Convert. This is the third stage and where sales begins. This person has now downloaded an asset which is more related to purchasing of products. It’s time to use a campaign to automate elements of the sales process which involve, for example: Arranging a call to discuss requirements. Email campaigns can be used at this stage to make it easier for the sales team to spend their time speaking to customers and building a relationship and less time on repetitive and time consuming tasks which can be automated.


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Email Automation for Ecommerce

8. Stage 4 Campaigns: The Need To Keep The Prospect Engaged

There are multiple stages of the Customer Lifecycle, this is Stage 4: Close Sales. The lead at this point has their quote, they have their full information they asked for and we’re waiting for a response and a decision to be made. This is a crucial part of the sales process which is often difficult to manage and also a confusing time. Develop stage 4 campaigns to keep your prospect engaged and bought into your company and what it’s trying to achieve.

9. Stage 5 Campaigns: Leverage Upsell Campaigns To Improve Revenues

There are multiple stages of the Customer Lifecycle, this is Stage 5: Upsell. We all know attracting new people to buy is hard, but why do we often neglect the upsell. Email automation is a powerful tool when it comes to upselling your existing customers. There are a heap of configurations which can be leveraged to encourage your customers to spend more on products that are also a great fit. Do you currently use upsell campaigns?


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10. Stage 6 Campaigns: Think Your Job Stops At The Point Of Sales? Sorry, It doesn't.

There are multiple stages of the Customer Lifecycle, this is Stage 6: Fulfil. So your customer has purchased, and that’s marketing’s job done, right? Wrong. The customer journey hasn’t yet finished so there is still an opportunity here to impress your existing customers to the point that they become fans. Just because we have their money, doesn’t mean we should drop all the good work that has been achieved up until now. Continue impressing your customers right the way through and they’ll love you for it. Do you utilise “fulfil” campaigns?


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11. Stage 7 Campaigns: Send Voucher To Encourage Referrals

There are multiple stages of the Customer Lifecycle, this is Stage 7: Get Referrals. At this stage in the customer lifecycle, your customers have already purchased and hopefully they’re very happy people. This is the perfect opportunity to encourage your customers to refer you to their family, friends and colleagues. There are multiple strategies to achieve this, here are 2. Ask for feedback, and if the results are positive – ask for a review. After purchasing, send a discount voucher 1 for the customer and 1 for a friend. Do you have referral campaigns set up yet?

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