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Do these issues sound familiar?

  • Don't understand how to host a website
  • Wouldn't Know How To Backup
  • Couldn't Help If Something Went Wrong or Missing
  • Stressed With Too Much To Worry About
It doesn’t have to be this way…

Our Approach

Our team are here every step of the way to support your business growth. Whether you’ve launched a brand new website with us or you’re looking for a new hosting provider the team at Visibility can help. We provide reliable hosting with daily backups to ensure your website is secure and protected. First class support – providing you with peace of mind.

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What To Expect

Fast Website Speed

In these modern digital times, a fast website load speed on mobile and other devices is critical - that's what we provide.

First Class Support

Require changes to be made? We're available to support your new idea, new service or change of mind.

Handled By The Experts

We ensure your website is looked after keeping your site healthy and available to those all important search engines - all year round.

What our Customers & Partners Say

Hosting and Support FAQ's

What on-page content changes are included?

We're able to support you with content upload as well as theme changes - so if you wish to create a new landing pages - we're able to help.

When will I be notified if the website is down?

Our servers have a superb rating when it comes to downtime. We have an alert system that will let us know and we can ensure we get your website backup straight away, with a limited amount of downtime.

Is there anything I need to do regularly?

No. We handle everything and even send you a report detailing whats been done.

Will I receive a weekly / monthly report providing information on the status of my website?

Yes, absolutely.

What happens if my website is down late one evening?

We have a team on hand to get your website fixed and backup as soon as possible.

How do I get in touch if I have a problem?

We have a dedicated number and email address to get in touch with us.

Which website platforms do you manage?

WordPress, Magento, Shopify and Craft CMS.

How often will there be a backup of my website?


How many website backup copies will there be?

At least 2.

Why shouldn’t I go with another provider and pay less per month?

Our servers are very fast and reliable, our team is also fast and reliable. We also support with development changes which smaller providers won't.

Will a staging site be available in-case I want to test a new part of the website?


Will I be made aware of Google Updates and will these changes be fixed?

Yes, we'll proactively come to you with any planned updates and come with solutions.

Let's make it happen

Our talented team of website designers and developers are here to support on a wide range of platforms and use cases. Here are just some of the areas we can support you with:

Hosting and Support

We understand that our customers want to know their website is being looked after. That’s why we developed out Hosting and Support package to ensure your website is updated with regular content, it’s secure and as fast as can possibly be.

Secure Hosting

We ensure your website is hosted in a secure place. We take security very seriously and ensure your website is protected. If you need Hosting and Support, we can help you.

Daily Website Backups

There’s nothing worse than failing to safe your work. We ensure your website is backed up daily to ensure there is no lost of work.

Traffic Reports

We provide you with reports relating to traffic levels to enable you to make data driven decisions about your business. If you need Hosting and Support, we can help you.

SSL Included – Free SSL Certificate

To make sure your website is compliant with certain web browsers, we include a free SSL certificate to keep your website visible.

Security Updates

As standard, we make sure the latest security updates are installed on your website to keep you protected from potential hacks. If you need Hosting and Support, we can help you.

Speed Optimisation

Speed is a huge ranking factor when it comes to SEO and visibility in the search engines. We ensure we keep your website as fast as possible with monthly checks and updates.

Website Migration

Looking to migrate to another platform? We’re here to ensure that goes as smoothly as possible with a limited loss of rankings.

Plugin and Theme Updates

We ensure we keep your website security by updates your plugins and theme as and when required.

Performance Checks

We keep an eye on your website to ensure it’s online as much as possible as well as checking that nothing is holding you back.

Security Checks

Ensuring your website is secure is our number 1 priority. We’re able to conduct regular checks to prevent hacks.

Checks for Website Vulnerabilities

Ensuring your website is secure is our number 1 priority. We’re able to conduct regular checks to prevent hacks.

Regular Technical Website Audits

Ensuring best practises are being applied is really important. We complete monthly checks to ensure your website is moving in the right direction.

Core Web Vitals

A really important technical consideration is your Core Web Vitals – we make regular checks to ensure your website is compliant and performs as well as possible.

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The host of the show is George Allsop and he is often joined by Co-Founder, Anna Allsop.

In each episode, we’re either talking to marketers about their journeys and lifting the lid on their experiences or we’re providing insights into best practises and the latest news and trends in the fast paced world of digital marketing.

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