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How we can help

Does this sound like you?

  • Can’t get your head around ad platforms
  • Not sure how to create campaigns
  • Spending and not seeing any returns
  • Already spinning too many plates
It doesn’t have to be this way

Our Approach

As experts in PPC advertising, we work with you to develop a bespoke strategy, from start to finish, that gets you in front of your ideal customers. We carry out in-depth research to understand your offering and your competitors. Then, led by the data we’ve collected, we’ll refine a pay-per-click campaign that addresses your target market and objectives.  

We care about all the small details that impact the bigger picture, that’s why we periodically report on our findings and review them too. This ensures you have a PPC Liverpool campaign that’s fully optimised⁠—streamlining your spending, driving leads, and increasing your return on investment.


What can you expect?

Data-driven strategies

Our data-led PPC Liverpool management analyses your customers’ motivators and optimises your campaigns to keep you ahead of the competition.

Creative messaging

A stand-out ad is more than just keywords. Our carefully-crafted copy will capture your target audience’s attention and convert them to your website.

Transparent reporting

We know the importance of total transparency when it comes to reports. That’s why we’ll show you everything you need to see, not just top-level vanity metrics.

What our Customers & Partners Say

Why choose Visibility Agency as your PPC agency in Liverpool?

We might be a small digital marketing agency, but we’re also mighty, so don’t let our size fool you. Not only are we super passionate about supporting businesses that help people, but we’ve worked with national and global brands on their PPC marketing Liverpool strategies, so we’ve got just as much experience as some of the bigger players. 

And we’re an official Google Partner, so we’re experts in producing profitable PPC Liverpool campaigns. But we’ll let our results do the talking. Our campaigns have increased transactions by 86%, reduced cost-per-click by 41%, and much more.

PPC Agency Liverpool That Brings Great Results

As your PPC marketing Liverpool specialists, we’re dedicated to delivering next-level ads and campaigns that convert into paying customers. We always stay up to date with marketing updates and trends. Our team has years of experience in delivering bespoke PPC strategies and is skilled in creating and managing PPC campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media networks. We know all the tricks to grow your business with paid advertising. We are also big on communicating with our clients.

To ensure that our campaigns are successful, we continually analyse data and optimise based on performance, testing and refining the campaign to improve results. We strive to drive targeted traffic to our clients' websites, increase their brand awareness, and generate leads and sales. Our goal is to provide high-quality PPC services that bring great results for our clients. Your growth is our growth. Your success is our success.

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Pay-per-Click (PPC) FAQs

How does pay-per-click work?

Pay-per-click or PPC is a form of advertising whereby you pay for users to visit your site, by clicking on your ad.

How much does PPC marketing cost?

Each keyword or search term has its own level of competition, so the cost varies per click. It can be dependent on location, daily trends, your niche, and many other factors.

What is an example of PPC?

You’ll find ads on Google when you enter a term in the search bar, these can be text ads or as part of the Google Shopping feature.

Do people actually click on Google Ads?

In short, yes. And as Google holds the highest search engine market share, it’s one of the best ways to advertise your business to potential customers.

Let's make it happen

Whether you’re completely new to PPC marketing or want to streamline your ad spend with targeted campaigns, we’re a team of experts who deliver game-changing results.

PPC Liverpool

As a PPC Liverpool agency, we’re obsessed with delving deep into all things data. We love taking your business goals and turning them into reality with cost-effective and well-researched strategies. We pride ourselves on our proven track record of driving continued growth for our clients.

PPC Audit

We all make mistakes, we’re only human after all. That’s why we’ll perform a PPC audit on any previous PPC marketing Liverpool campaigns to analyse your profits, low-performing keywords, ad performance, and more. Then we’ll chat to you about the next steps we’d recommend. 

Google Ads (formally Google AdWords)

As the biggest search engine in the world, advertising your business on Google is a great way to get in front of your potential customers. After we’ve reviewed your offering and KPIs, we’ll conduct keyword research and produce a paid search strategy that will have you appearing in all the top spots. 

Google Shopping

Get in front of your audience with Google Shopping. The feature lets you promote your products at the top of Google, with a visual element that shows your customers exactly what you’re selling. We’ll identify how your customers are using Google to search for products, then manage your shopping feed and optimise keywords for next-level growth. 

Google Ads International Campaigns

Looking to expand in new territories? We know that dealing with ads in one language is tricky enough. Target new and existing customers with a high-quality international campaign that will have you seen by audiences all over the globe. We’ll be there with you every step of the way. 

Display Advertising

Eye-catching display ads are a great opportunity to get in front of the people who matter. And we know that a one-size-fits-all isn’t the way to go here. That’s why we’ll create a PPC marketing Liverpool strategy that matches up with your objectives and speaks to your target audience. We’ll craft creative that connects so they click straight through to the landing page. 


Remind previous visitors why they visited your website with an effortless remarketing strategy. Reconnect with them and convert them into new customers with an effective campaign that resonates with their drivers and motivators and cuts through the noisy digital space. 

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In each episode, we’re either talking to marketers about their journeys and lifting the lid on their experiences or we’re providing insights into best practises and the latest news and trends in the fast paced world of digital marketing.

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