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What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords (recently changed to Google Ads) is a Google advertising service for businesses and marketers that helps to reach their target customers and grow their businesses. The service is based on pay-per-click advertising, which means that when using Google AdWords, you pay only when people click your ads. Google AdWords allows you to reach your target demographic based on their keyword search as well as the region or device they use. As an AdWords Agency Nottingham we can help you to develop an effective Google Ads strategy to boost your sales.

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These are some of the benefits of using Google AdWords:

Google is the biggest search engine

Google has over 70% of the search market share, which means that Google is the most popular search engine. Thus, using Google AdWords will enable you to reach much more people than using ad features from other search engines.

Quicker results than with SEO

Implementing Google AdWords in your marketing strategies will bring you faster results than with organic SEO. Organic SEO can take a while until it starts affecting your site and ranking it higher in the search engine page results. However, Google AdWords can show your website to the right audience almost immediately.

Targeting people who look for specific products

With Google AdWords, you don’t need to worry that you target the wrong people. Your ads will show based on keywords you choose, meaning they will show only to people who search the same keywords that you used in your advertisements.

Building brand awareness

Google AdWords are a good way to build brand awareness. Even if potential customers are not clicking your ads, they still see the name of your brand and your offer. The more people see your brand’s name, the stronger your brand image becomes. In the future, this can still win you customers as they will be already familiar with your brand.


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Google AdWords & Pay-per-Click (PPC) FAQs

What is Google AdWords?

It’s an advertising platform created by Google. It works by displaying adverts at the top of search results to get businesses seen for certain keywords and search terms.

Is Google AdWords free?

You can create a Google Ads account for free, which is useful for conducting SEO keyword research. If you want to use the advertising platform, there is a fee for every time someone clicks on your ad.

Are SEO and Google AdWords the same?

The best way to explain the difference between the two, is that SEO generates organic traffic (it’s free), whereas Google AdWords is paid traffic or paid advertising.

Do people actually click on Google Ads?

Yes, they do. Google Search is also the most frequently used search engine so it’s a great tool for advertising your business.

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Our Google AdWords Approach

As a Google Adwords agency Nottingham, we have tons of experience helping businesses reach their full potential via paid search campaigns. And as an official Google Partner, we understand what it takes to create a successful Google AdWords campaign. After we’ve carried out in-depth research to understand your offering, competitors, and target market, we’ll create a bespoke pay-per-click advertising strategy. 

We care about all the small details that impact the bigger picture, that’s why we periodically report on our findings and review them too. We use data-led performance insights to give you measurable and actionable insights into your online advertising campaign. That way we know the best ways to streamline your spend, generate new leads, and increase your return on investment.

The results

What can you expect?

Data-driven strategies

We unearth key insights with our data-first approach to our Google AdWords Management Nottingham. We can analyse how your potential customers use Google, to make sure you skip to the top of the page for the search terms they’re using.

Creative messaging

You only have a small number of words to capture the attention of your customers. We’ll make sure you stand out from the crowd with Google Ads that create enough intrigue, that your customers won’t be able to resist clicking through to your website.

Transparent reporting

The reports we produce on our Google AdWords campaigns won’t leave you guessing. We’ll show you what’s working well, and what isn’t so much, so we can optimise your campaigns for the best possible results.


As a Google AdWords Agency Nottingham, we’re dedicated to delivering next-level ads and marketing strategies that convert into paying customers. We are a certified Google Partner Agency in Nottingham, which means that our competence will get you great PPC results like increased ROI (return on investment). Our team is always up to date with the newest PPC & Google Ads trends. We are experts in developing effective Google Adwords campaigns. Contact us to discuss what we can do for your business today.

Google AdWords Account Audit

Why choose Visibility Agency as your Google AdWords Agency Nottingham?

We’re small in size, but certainly not in expertise. We’re a growth-hungry digital marketing agency with tons of knowledge to offer. Not only do we love helping business owners achieve their vision, but we’ve also worked with plenty of them on their Google AdWords Management Nottingham.

And we’re an official Google Partner, so you know we’re experts in high-performance PPC campaigns. But we’ll let our results do the talking. Our campaigns have increased transactions by 86%, reduced cost-per-click by 41%, and much more.

Our AdWords Agency Nottingham will devise a detailed Google AdWords marketing strategy for your business

We make a difference by helping businesses to find Google Ads opportunities that obtain profitable traffic to their websites. We love to provide the best service to improve your marketing campaigns. Our talented team will ensure that a well-developed Google AdWords campaign will bring you more customers.

Google Adwords Agency Nottingham

Featured Case Study

Forest Rock (Loughborough)

The Brief

The priorities for the management team at Forest rock were to increase their online visibility, increasing brand awareness, increase leads and of course the bottom line - sales. Given the nature of the organisation with multiple products and services as well as distribution channels - the team at Visibility knew that prioritisation would be a key consideration.

The Strategy

Working with their in-house team, Visibility consulted on the design and build of the website which included the market research, competitor research and keyword research. This was done to establish that the direction for the new site, given the number of services offered would be the right one.

The Results

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw some fantastic results in 2020 for our digital partner Forest Rock. Total traffic rose by 1,818 % and from that we saw an 868% increase in organic traffic. Although we cannot share the details, with a change in how their customer purchase products, we also saw a huge growth in online sales with a big contributor of that being Organic Search (SEO) and Paid Search (PPC).

Let's make it happen

Whether you’re completely new to PPC marketing or want to streamline your ad spend with targeted campaigns, we’re a team of experts who deliver game-changing results.

Google Adwords Management Nottingham

We’re a Google AdWords Agency Nottingham, and we’re obsessed with helping purpose-led businesses with their digital strategies. Don’t worry if you’re confused about what PPC management is or how it works, we’re a friendly bunch, and we’ve got a proven track record of driving continued growth for our clients.

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PPC Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising can be search engine marketing, display adverts, video ads, and remarketing strategies. We know that sounds like a lot to get your head around, but as a PPC agency in Nottingham, you’re in safe hands. With our online marketing expertise, we can take your business growth to the next level, and utilise Google Ads to deliver it. 



If you’re already advertising on Google, setting up a remarketing strategy is a great way to reconnect with customers who have already interacted with your site. We can filter this by different products or service areas, to really hone in on those customers who know exactly what they’re looking for. We make it easy to reach your target audience through Google and transform your conversion rates. 


Standing out from the competition requires creating scroll-stopping PPC adverts. After we research your target audience’s values and motivators, we’ll craft engaging ads that connect deeply with your customers. Think cleverly-worded ad copy and eye-catching images that break through the noise online. 


Picture this, the hard work you’ve put into your Google AdWords campaign is paying off. You’re seeing an increase in website traffic, but your new customers aren’t converting. Why? Maybe it’s something to do with how long the landing page takes to load, or that it’s not optimised for mobile users. Don’t spend money on PPC and send new users to an awkward-to-use website, let us help by conducting an audit on your website, so that your customers have no problem heading straight for the checkout. 


Other Channels

We aren’t just experts in Google AdWords Management Nottingham. If you’re looking for an agency that can sky-rocket your Organic Search (SEO), develop a bespoke Email Marketing Strategy, or hit the ground running with a user-friendly Website Design, then get in touch.   

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