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PPC Case Study

PPC campaigns reduce CPC by 15% for stone specialists

The Brief

Although we work with Stoneworld on a range of other channels, this case study focuses on the Pay-per-Click strategy. We were tasked with improving their Google Ads account overall to be able to increase the number of leads and sales that their paid media budget was achieving.

The Strategy

The paid media team at Visibility restructured the account to enhance campaign effectiveness and efficiency. We improved campaign layouts, limited keywords in ad groups aimed at boosting the "quality score" for improved cost-per-click and ROI. We resolved conversion tracking issues and established a comprehensive strategy to track conversions across various channels. Historical data informed us about previously effective ads and ad copy, guiding our strategy for testing ad copy to maximise conversions.

The Results

We’ve been generating results for Stoneworld since 2021. Here are just some of the achievements we’ve made with the account:

-> 22% increase in CTR year-on-year
-> Reduced bounce rate by 73%
-> 15% reduction in cost per click year on year
-> CTR of display campaigns Improved by 87%

Why is PPC important?

Pay-per-click, or PPC is an internet advertising model that allows marketers to place their ads on the platform of their choice and pay for them only when the user clicks on them. Let’s face it. In recent years, one of the main goals of marketing has been to achieve high rankings in Google in terms of organic results. Achieving this goal requires spending a lot of time researching and having in-depth knowledge of how search engine algorithms work. So, what if you don’t know how to achieve great organic results? Here PPC comes to the rescue. When using PPC, your advert will appear as an “Ad” position for the particular keywords people search. Our PPC Sheffield team can develop a high-targeted PPC strategy to bring you more leads and conversions.

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These are some of the benefits of PPC advertising:

Driving immediate results

Unlike organic search strategies, PPC advertising can bring you a lot of traffic to the website almost immediately. It’s a very effective short-term tactic.


One of the major advantages of PPC is that you only pay when someone clicks your ad. Moreover, you can’t go over your budget, because it is possible to set a maximum spend in advance.

Gaining more brand recognition

If you start using PPC ads more frequently as a result more people will see your brand. This can lead to more brand recognition and will help you to build the company’s reputation.

Reaching target audience

PPC ads enable targeting people who are your ideal audience. Keyword research comes in handy to discover what your potential customers type in the search engine. The same keywords then can be used in your PPC ads. Moreover, targeting audiences based on interest and demographics is also possible.

Our Approach

Our team of Paid Advertising experts analyse your commercial offering, the market you operate in and the wider marketing strategy. From this, we’re able to develop a bespoke strategy to meet the required outcomes. We take a data-led approach to constantly make important optimisations to maximise your budget and drive leads and sales for your business.

Get a Free PPC Audit

Are you looking to get the most out of your online advertising efforts? Our PPC Agency Sheffield offers you a free PPC audit to help you optimise your campaigns and achieve maximum return on investment. Our expert team has years of experience in the industry and knows what it takes to drive more traffic to your website. We will provide you with actionable insights and recommendations tailored to your business needs.

During your free audit, we'll review your current PPC strategy, including your quality scores, ad copy, landing pages, targeting, and budget. We'll identify areas for improvement and offer specific suggestions to help you achieve your goals. Partnering with our PPC agency Sheffield means you'll have access to the latest tools and technology, as well as ongoing support from our team of experts. We're committed to helping you succeed and will work tirelessly to ensure your campaigns are performing at their best.

Don't miss this opportunity to get a free PPC audit from the best PPC Sheffield team! Contact us today to schedule your audit and take the first step toward achieving your online advertising goals. Let us help you grow your business.

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What To Expect

High-Performing Campaigns

Having high performing campaigns is essential to reaching your business goals and objectives . Our team are at hand to help with all your needs.

Creative Messaging

Our team are here to help you create the perfect creative messaging for your business objectives.

Quality Leads

Quality leads are important for you to gain maximum ROI. Our team are here to help you get the best quality leads for your business.

Sheffield, why should you choose our agency?

We are an official Google Partner agency and we have years of experience developing PPC ads. We know that relationships with clients are very important and communication is the key. Thus, we always tailor our PPC campaigns to suit your goals as well as your budget. We love working with Sheffield businesses in any niche. We specialise in paid search and paid social ads such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads and Amazon Advertising.

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What is the strategy of our PPC Sheffield experts?

1. PPC strategy audit

First, we will run a PPC audit to see where your business is currently at and what improvements we can implement for you. Moreover, we will do some research on the PPC campaigns within your business sector to understand your competitors.

2. PPC strategy conversation

After our research, we will have a meeting to discuss how we can improve your PPC campaign performance. We will also get a better understanding of your business and your business goals.

3. Onboarding

The onboarding process will include introducing everyone who will be working together on your campaign.

4. Roadmap of a monthly PPC strategy

Our next step will be a monthly strategy roadmap to show you what exactly we will be working on.

5. Going Live with PPC campaigns

The last step is going live with PPC campaigns and waiting for these conversions to kick in!

PPC Agency Sheffield

Our PPC Agency Sheffield is highly focused on driving the best results from every marketing campaign. Our marketing team has years of experience in PPC marketing. They know the best practices for increasing leads as well as conversions. Google Ads, Microsoft (Bing Ads) or ads on any other platform - we can do it for you. If you are looking for an agency that will listen to what you have to say and will be on the same wavelength, you found the one. We care about our clients’ opinions and we are proud to help businesses to reach their goals. Contact our PPC Agency Sheffield now to discuss the options.

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How do PPC Ads work?

Google Ads and Microsoft Ads are the most popular PPC platforms utilised by digital marketers. If you have ever considered using Google Ads yourself, you probably have heard the phrase “Google Ads Auction”. This auction model is what determines the cost and ad placement. 

In order to enter and win the auction, each advertiser needs to bid on keywords they think their potential audience will search in Google. If the system determines that the search query matches and is relevant to the keywords used in your ad, the ad will enter the auction. 

Google ad platform allows you to have a large control over your budget and ad spend. This means that the maximum CPC bid and ad quality can be adjusted. However, you cannot control your competitors’ max CPC bids and so on. 

Our PPC Agency Sheffield recommends researching and thinking about how competitive your industry and the keywords are before you decide to enter the auction. One of the good practices is to research keywords with less search volume, which could help to keep your ad spend low. 

Let's make it happen

Our talented team of Paid Advertising experts cover all aspects to ensure the success of the strategy, here are the areas we can help you with:

PPC Sheffield

Pay per click advertising is a popular form of online advertising. The platform was created by Google and works by advertisers paying a small fee when web users visit their site. Our team are experts in all things PPC.

PPC Audit

Creating a PPC audit is key to knowing what strategies worked best for you and your business previously. By knowing what strategies were profitable and which ones weren’t we are able to suggest recommendations on what to do next in your PPC journey.

Google Ads (formally Google AdWords)

To maximise your sales and leads Google ads is something that can do this with. Google ads have features such as text ads, display ads, remarketing and many more. All these features help get the most out of your PPC journey.

Google Shopping

We support businesses to make their performance and provide a ROI. With the use of Google shopping eCommerce businesses and managers are able to put their products in the right place at the right time for their desired target audience to see and use. 


We use strategies such as remarketing in order to get individuals that have already visited your site to potentially make a purchase. It is key to remind this audience as they may be the ones that have an interest in buying from your business.

By using various remarketing strategies, we can increase the chances of converting previous visitors of your website into new customers. Our reputable PPC agency Sheffield can help you create targeted remarketing PPC campaigns that focus on reaching the right audience at the right time. 

Tailored ads that target users who have previously shown interest in their products or services, will help to keep your brand top of mind and increase the chances of conversion. In addition to remarketing, our PPC Sheffield team can also help you with other digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimisation, social media advertising, and email marketing. 

By working with experts in the field, you will develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that leverages various tactics to drive more traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. With the right approach, businesses in competitive markets in Sheffield can stand out from the crowd and achieve their marketing goals.

Display Advertising

We have the best creative team to create the perfect display ads for your business in order to help you reach your corporate goals and objectives.

With our PPC agency in Sheffield, you can rest assured that your display ads will stand out from the competition. Our creative team has a proven track record of developing eye-catching ads that drive clicks and conversions. We’ll work with you to understand your business goals and develop a custom display advertising strategy that meets your needs.

In addition to creating stunning display ads, we’ll also handle the technical aspects of your campaign, such as ad placement, targeting, and bid management. This ensures that your ads are seen by the right audience at the right time, maximising your ROI and helping you achieve your business objectives.

Partnering with our PPC agency in Sheffield means you’ll have access to a team of experts who are committed to your success. We’ll monitor your campaign performance and provide regular reports so you can track your progress and make informed decisions about your advertising strategy.

Don’t settle for mediocre display ads – let our team of experts create a custom advertising solution that meets your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our display advertising services and how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Google Ads International Campaigns

If you have campaigns overseas we can help deliver the best campaigns for your new and existing clients. We have expert knowledge in all things international campaigns.

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The host of the show is George Allsop and he is often joined by Co-Founder, Anna Allsop.

In each episode, we’re either talking to marketers about their journeys and lifting the lid on their experiences or we’re providing insights into best practises and the latest news and trends in the fast paced world of digital marketing.

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