Marketing campaign generates 148% increase in enquiries

Organic Search (SEO)

MX Display – Large Format Graphics Printers

Client Overview

MX Display Limited are specialists in the design, development, manufacturing and installation of large format printed graphics for commercial settings. They have worked with huge organisations such as Cancer Research UK, Coca-Cola and many more. They provide innovative designs to every project they conduct with a key focus around the level of superb service they provide to their customers. Visibility has worked with the team at MX Display since 2019 and have developed a marketing strategy which consistently delivers results.


Increase in website traffic


Increase in new users


Increase in website conversions

The Brief

Although we work with MX Display on a range of other channels, this case study focuses on the SEO strategy. We were tasked with increasing the visibility of their keywords in organic positions on Google and other search engines. We needed to generate additional brand awareness to increase the number of leads and sales.

Their core objectives were:

  • Increase number of keywords ranking relating to high value printed produced year-on-year
  • Increase organic traffic year-on-year to key product and category pages
  • Increase organic conversions year-on-year for key high margin projects

The Strategy

1. Market Insights Strategy

One of the most important aspects of SEO and any marketing in general is to understand who the customer is, what they want and which messages they are most likely to respond to. We set about with numerous planning sessions to really get under the skin of MX Display to find out what their customers want.

2. Website Optimisation Strategy

Whenever the Visibility team gets their hands on a new client’s website, there are often changes which can be made to the existing website to boost traffic, leads and sales in a short time. Optimising current pages in certain ways to increase their visibility in the search results is the goal.

3. Content Strategy

With this information in hand, we were able to go ahead and begin researching the topics and terms that are most likely to resonate with a potential MX Display customer when they’re in buying mode. By focusing on the bottom of the funnel first, we were able to bring in additional revenue which can then be used to fund further marketing campaigns on other stages of the sales pipeline.

Detailed, full and in-depth keyword research was conducted, taking into account all other possible search terms for certain products, services and categories. These were collated and allowed us to set priorities based on profit margins, ease of production and installation and of course the most searched products. These terms were placed in a content plan for execution.

4. Conversion Improvement Strategy

It’s crucial with any website to consider, analyse and implement a strategy of conversion improvement. As marketers, we spend a lot of time trying to increase the amount of relevant traffic to the website. The problem can often lay when those people arrive on the landing page and the experience isn’t engaging or doesn’t meet the person’s needs.

With MX Display we developed a landing page layout to meet the specific needs of their customers and demonstrate that they are a trustworthy business to work with. We put specific emphasis on the main reason why somebody would visit the page, what they want to get out of visiting it and what step we want them to take next.

The Results

We’ve been generating results for MX Display since 2019.

Here are just some of the achievements we’ve made with the account:

  • Year-on-year increases of 107% in website traffic
  • 110% increase in new users year-on-year
  • Bounce rate has been reduced by 7%,
  • A huge 148% increase in website conversions

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