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Forest Rock Systems – IoT Technology Specialists

Client Overview

Forest Rock Systems Limited is a leading Internet of Things organisation that specialises in developing software that integrates operational technologies in a commercial setting. As well as Master Systems Integration, they also support their customers with platform training, energy management solutions, integration consultancy as well as a huge range of products available to buy on their online store.

Visibility has worked with the team at Forest Rock since 2019 and has supported all areas of the online marketing strategy including the launch of their new website in 2020 as well as the management of their various marketing channels such as SEO, PPC and Social Media.


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in total traffic


Increase in keywords ranking

The Brief

The primary aim for Forest Rock Systems was to increase the brand awareness among their core target audience. They wanted to push the right messages to the right people regarding the most relevant products and services. The overall measure was the increase in revenue and ultimately profits.

With the range of products and services that Forest Rock offers to their clients being so large, it was important to break down specific objectives for each area of the business. The overall general objectives were:

  • Increase overall traffic to the website
  • Increase organic traffic to the website
  • Increase the number of conversions for the services offered to clients
  • Increase the revenue generated by their online eCommerce store 

The Strategy

1. New Website Consultation

The website that the Visibility team inherited required multiple changes to be able to implement an SEO strategy that would be effective. Our initial project consisted of guiding senior leadership in the right technology for the new website, setting the purpose and the goals we wanted to achieve and the general setup so that the internal team and the Visibility teams can do their jobs.

This project involved discussions relating to overall business and marketing strategies, the positioning of the products and services and who we would be targeting the SEO campaigns. Once this was agreed and implemented, we had the basis to grow the traffic to the website.

2. Content Strategy

Now we had our business and marketing strategies in place, we were able to conduct marketing research in terms of content topics and structure. We used our tools internally to spy on competitors strategies and conduct our own independent keyword research to generate a content strategy which would meet the objectives.

We focus on products and services which fit the following criteria:

  • High margin products and services
  • More easily executed by internals teams
  • Those products and services which were more likely to lead to more work down the line

3. Landing Page Strategy

During the pandemic, our target market spent more time at home than ever before. We pivoted our strategy to prioritise lead generation and incorporated the creation of assets and online webinar sessions to meet the changing market. We designed and developed assets as well as landing pages and drove traffic to these to increase the amount of warm leads in our sales funnel. 

4. Distribution Project

This project involved the creation of assets such as landing pages and PDFs to encourage our target market to join the Forest Rock distribution partnership programme. We used best practices regarding conversion optimisation to encourage as many of our target audience as possible to get to the landing page and sign up to receive information about how Forest Rock and their organisations could work together to grow.

The Results

We’ve achieved a huge amount so far with Forest Rock. We’ve been consulting and implementing digital strategies since 2019 and have been able to develop their internal strategies hugely to move them into the right direction of marketing communications.

Here are just some of the achievements we’ve made so far:

  • Increased the total traffic to the website by a huge 1,818% year-on-year
  • Increased the organic traffic year-on-year by 868%
  • Increase the number of keywords ranking by 226%

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