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How we can help

Do you lack time and expertise?

  • Can’t get your head around ad platforms
  • Not sure how to create campaigns
  • Spending and not seeing any returns
  • Already spinning too many plates
It doesn’t have to be this way

Our Approach

As experts in PPC in Nottingham, we’ll work with you to develop a bespoke strategy that gets you in front of your ideal audience. First, we carry out in-depth research to understand your offering, your competitors, and your target market. Using the data we’ve collected, we’ll create a pay-per-click campaign that will transform your brand’s digital strategy and get you noticed.

We care about all the small details that impact the bigger picture, that’s why we periodically report on our findings and review them too. This ensures you have a marketing campaign that’s fully optimised⁠ to meet your business objectives. We’ll streamline your spending, generate new leads, and increase your return on investment.


What can you expect?

Data-driven strategies

We use our love for data to understand your customers’ motivators and optimise your online marketing campaign to keep you ahead of the competition.

Creative messaging

We know what it takes to deliver a stand-out ad. And it’s more than just keywords. Connect with your customer with copy that speaks directly to them.

Transparent reporting

Take the guesswork out of your PPC Nottingham strategy with totally transparent reporting. You’ll understand how your campaign is supporting your business objectives, and how we need to optimise it.

What People Say About Us...

Why choose Visibility Agency as your PPC agency in Nottingham?

We’re small in size, but certainly not in expertise. We’re a growth-hungry digital marketing agency with tons of knowledge to offer. Not only do we love helping business owners achieve their vision, but we’ve also worked with plenty of them on successful PPC Nottingham campaigns. 

And we’re an official Google Partner, so you know we’re experts in high-performance PPC campaigns. But we’ll let our results do the talking. Our campaigns have increased transactions by 86%, reduced cost-per-click by 41%, and much more.

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As your PPC Nottingham specialists, we’re dedicated to delivering next-level ads and marketing strategies that convert into paying customers.

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Pay-per-Click (PPC) FAQs

How does pay-per-click work?

Pay-per-click or PPC is a type of online advertising where you pay a third-party website to drive traffic to your website through ads. You’ll pay a sum each time a user clicks on your ad.

How much does PPC marketing cost?

The cost of PPC Nottingham varies depending on the keyword or search term you are bidding on. This cost can be influenced by location, trends, the industry, and many other factors.

What is an example of PPC?

When you see creative banners at the side of online news sites, or on YouTube, they’re examples of PPC marketing.

Do people actually click on Google Ads?

Yes, they do. Google is also the most frequently used search engine so it’s a great tool for advertising your business.

Let's make it happen

Whether you’re completely new to PPC marketing or want to streamline your ad spend with targeted campaigns, we’re a team of experts who deliver game-changing results.

PPC Nottingham

We’re a PPC agency based in Nottingham, and we’re obsessed with delving deep into all things data. We’ll listen to your business objectives and turn them into a reality with cost-effective and data-driven PPC strategies. We pride ourselves on our proven track record of driving continued growth for our clients.

PPC Audit

Do you need a PPC audit? If you’ve ever run a PPC Nottingham campaign before, then most definitely. They’re a great way to analyse how well your campaign performed, we’ll look at things like keyword performance, ad spend, and more. We’ll chat to you about our findings and recommended the next steps needed to achieve your KPIs.

Google Ads (formally Google AdWords)

If you’re not advertising your business on Google, you’re missing out on reaching a huge pot of potential customers. We’ll review your offering and chat about your KPIs, then we’ll use our expertise to level up your paid search strategy with PPC marketing that will have you appearing in all the top search result spots.

Google Shopping

For those customers who already know what they’re searching for, Google Shopping is perfect for getting in front of them. We’ll map out how your customers are using Google to search for products, then create a strategy that makes sure you’re coming out on top for those search terms.

Google Ads International Campaigns

If one of your key business objectives is international growth, you’ll have looked into Google Ads International Campaigns. But if you struggle to get your head around PPC Nottingham, it’ll be even trickier in another language. Let us help you target new and existing customers with international campaigns that will increase your brand awareness all over the world. 

Display Advertising

When it comes to display advertising, an ad that connects with your customer on a deeper level can have an incredible impact. With our creative expertise, we’ll create ads that will capture the attention of your customer and increase your brand awareness.


Target previous website visitors with an effortless remarketing strategy. We’ll create an effective Nottingham PPC campaign that resonates with your audience. It’ll remind them why visited your website in the first place and make them head straight for the checkout. 

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