Posted on 9th May, 2023

Episode 5: How To Hire A Virtual PA from a Virtual Assistant Agency with Catherine Harrison

In This Episode…

This is the fifth episode of the Visibility Agency Business and Marketing Podcast.

In this episode I speak to our guest Catherine Harrison – who is the Founder and Director of Bee-Assisted – a virtual assistant agency that creates extra time for busy business owners and takes care of the tasks they can’t do, don’t do or that they probably shouldn’t be doing.

We discuss Cath’s career to date – with stories of her experiences of working for huge corporations such as British Rail and Hewlett-Packard in various roles. She explains the story of how she was able to turn a sad story of redundancy during the pandemic, into a hugely positive one – with the launch of her very own PA Agency.

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Growing a business and being an entrepreneur can be very difficult and stressful. Speaking to your customers, dealing with their problems, managing the HR, the finance, and even the marketing strategy can become very overwhelming. In this episode, I speak to our guest, Cath Harrison, founder and director of Be Assisted, a virtual assistant agency that creates time for busy business owners and takes care of the tasks that they can’t do, don’t do, or that they probably shouldn’t be doing. We discuss Cath’s career to date with her stories of experiences working for huge corporations, such as British Rail and Hewlett Packard in various different roles. She explains the story of how she was able to turn a sad story of redundancy during into a hugely positive one with the launch of her very own PA agency. All of that coming up. Welcome to the Visibility Agency Business and Marketing Podcast. Hello and welcome to the Visibility Agency Business and Marketing Podcast. Joining me today is Kat Harrison from The Assistant.


Hi, thanks for taking time out today to join me. At the top of the show, I’m obviously going to plug a little bit more about the podcast because we are in episode 5 now. This is episode 5. And so go and check out YouTube for me and subscribe to the channel that really helps. We’re also available on Spotify too so please give us a follow on there. Kath, thanks for taking the time out. Let’s talk about you and your business. So please introduce yourself and tell me a little bit about what you

do day-to-day and a little bit about your company. Okay, okay so I’m Cath, Cath Harrison. I started my business, The Assisted, as you can see behind me. It’s a virtual assistant business. So my background is in PA, EA roles. I’ve worked within that profession for over 35 years. And just before COVID, I was made redundant and I started this business really as a bit of a last resort to be able to pay the mortgage. So I provide business owners with personal and business support. So as well as like your usual PA support with the business, the organizing meetings, inbox management, travel, expenses, the usual PA

type role.

I do do quite a lot of personal admin as well. So supporting clients with their personal admin. So that’s what I do. And I’ve been going about just over three years, about three years and a week, something

like that.


Awesome. Yeah, I mean, it was an interesting time during COVID and I’m sorry to hear that that’s what happened to you in your previous role, but clearly, you know, this has given you an opportunity now to be able to set up a business and, you know, three years in, that’s a good stint, right? So it’s not a startup anymore. Maybe you’re moving into more of a established business now.

This is it.

This is it. And it was something obviously that I’d never done, didn’t know. I kind of did it in my head just to kind of get through COVID as something that I could possibly do. But then coming out of COVID, I’ve got a full client book. So I was literally working with a lot of clients. And I just thought, oh, I’m just going to carry on. Because I actually love what I do. So yeah.

Awesome. Awesome.

Great. OK, so that’s a nice introduction. We’ll talk more about your company later and the challenges that you face. So let’s go back to the beginning. Tell us a little bit about your career journey in the earlier days and kind of, you know, the kind of roles that you had to bring you to the point where, you know, you’re now running your own business. Maybe you could take us through that journey a little bit.

No, that’s fine. Okay, obviously, it’s a long time. I left school when I was 15, back in the days when we had GCs and O-levels and before GCSEs came in. Average at school, always wanted to work with children. I left school thinking I’ll get an office job for a couple of years. Anyway, did that, got one of the old YTS schemes, worked on a YTS scheme which was, if people don’t know, it was almost like an apprenticeship for office work. So you went around different areas of an organization, see where you like. Anyway, that was when I was 15. Two years later, finished that, I ended up staying with that company which was actually British Rail Engineering Limited and based in Derby. It was one of the main employers, along with Rolls-Royce in Derby at that time. So I stayed with them eight years, and then I progressed from that, because I did secretarial roles within the railway. I used to work like a planning manager, you know, your lower level Then I actually left to go and work somewhere again in Derby, just outside of Derby in a place called Elkverton, and was a PA to a general manager. So I went and did that. He then left a couple of years later, but wanted me to move with him to carry on being his PA. So that’s what I did. Went and worked in London for a year for him, commuting every Monday and Friday up and down. So I went and worked for him, but then I was getting married in 2000 and thought I should really perhaps come back and not just be away all week. So I got married 2000, I got a new job then at Hewlett-Packard, we were working on the Rolls-Royce account in Derby. And that was me then, I was there, that was the PA to the client executive on the Rolls-Royce account for HP. And it was, yeah, 17 years I was there with a couple of little, little three or four months breaks to have two children, which you know, we never had, we never had a year off in those days, it was a few months to go back into it. So yeah, so with that I’ve got two sons now, so one’s 21 and one’s 18. And so yeah, 17 years I was with HP. They were then, you know, I worked with them in various different roles within the organisation, you know, just people came and went, you kind of moved around the organisation. And yeah, 17 years later, then they were getting taken over by DXC technology. And there was a massive restructure. Ten of those years, the latter ten are works from home for HP. DXC technology came in and said they wanted everybody back in offices. But they were doing away with the Derby office. They were, they basically said, you’ve got a job still, but it’s either in Erskine in Glasgow or Newcastle and was it going to happen? Yeah, yeah, well I’ve got two boys, the boys were both at school and you know it just wasn’t feasible. I was also going through divorce at that time as well and I thought well I’ll get a decent redundancy pay off so it will help me with you know going through that and getting my own house and things like that. So I actually took a redundancy and had a couple of jobs locally, but one of them was a bit of a… I worked for the PA for the CEO of Eurocarparts at Tamworth, but that was a good at least hours journey if there was no traffic. So that’s one of those things that it seems on paper.

At that point you were, you’d been working at home for 10 years as you said, right? Yes. So to then change that.

Change that for the commute and also working long days and having two boys that I was leaving in the morning to get up and go to school, hoping that they’d get up and go to school, and coming home and they’d been home from school about three hours and hungry.

Yeah, places first.

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. That was, it was like, oh, I need something a bit closer to home. So I started working at Luxor Jobs and I worked up at, near Denby, I don’t know whether you know near…

World famous Denby Pottery.

Near Denby Pottery, it was, it was just down the road from Denby Pottery, a company called Deb, they made industrial skincare and hand care, you often see them in any, you know. So I was the PA to the marketing director and the HR manager there. And yeah, and then I worked there and then they got taken over in the February. Well, they actually got taken over the previous year when COVID was just on the horizon and we were just hearing about you’re only affected if you’ve been to China. But they got taken over by SC Johnson and they basically started making redundancies because they had a massive restructure. Then the February, I was made redundant. So I’m obviously one of the newest starters, so I was made redundant. Ordinarily, I’d just go straight back into another job, you know, look what’s about. Yeah, you know. But of course, we’ve got COVID and we’ve got the fact that a lot of companies had already sent people home to work. A lot of companies were starting to kind of furlough staff and then we had the directive off Boris that everybody needs to work from home, nobody should go to work and we had the lockdown and I was like I haven’t got a job, I don’t know what to do and I was thinking you know it was you know obviously I was I was now on my own so I was the sole breadwinner and needed to get some money to, I’ve never been out of work my whole life. So I just thought, somebody said to me, well, why don’t you set up on your own? And I’m like, well, I don’t know what to do or where to start. And so it was a really big learning curve. I kind of went first and I set myself up with a limited company. I kind of did a bit of research and thought maybe that’s the best thing, the pros and cons of going down both, but I kind of went down that route. And things like setting up a website, made inquiries, thousands of people wanted it, so I set my own up, which I’ve still got to this day, my own. And people do actually say, it’s okay.

I said that to you. I like your branding. And I can see at the bottom that it was, I think, GoDaddy.

It’s GoDaddy, yeah, and I did it all myself.

And that shows that branding and messaging is important, you know, it’s not just a stereotype.

You know, I always wanted to go down the bee route. I do think bees are, you know, they’re a worker.


They work, yeah, they always work. We can’t live without them, you know, that kind of thing. and I literally got a friend of my boyfriend at the time, his friend is a graphic designer and he made me my little logo, the little B there on the cup that’s behind me. He did that for me based on the fact that I didn’t, I wanted to, you know, just on what I kind of said and I was really pleased with the whole thing and he did that as a favor so that was really nice and yeah, it was just the kind of learn as I go and you know, one of the things I’ve got to learn, you know, how to, I knew a lot about working remotely because as I said I’ve worked for 10 years for HP remotely but we’re in a different world now, we’ve got to do everything remotely and we had Skype, but we rarely used the camera. It was barely a video call. It was just teleconferencing. So yeah, it was a whole new world, wasn’t it?

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it’s interesting that you probably have seen the comparison between how it was when you worked at home for 10 years and how everybody thinks it’s this new thing of working from home during COVID, right, and post COVID. But for you, that was kind of normal, although, like you say, technologies and systems maybe were improved at that.

Technology has been brilliant. You know, there’s so many apps for things. There’s a lot of collaboration tools. You know, you can still be a team. Yeah. There’s things like Slack is really good. I’ve worked with a few clients who have that. And corporate clients who will have Slack, it’s a good collaboration kind of tool. And obviously, we’ve got teams, Microsoft teams, that’s a whole, trying to keep people together when they are remote. So yeah, there’s been a lot of learning of new technology and, you know, different clients will use different tools, different apps.

Different systems, yeah.

So that’s a question I’ve got then. So I mean, in terms of how do you deal with that then? Because, you know, you’ve obviously got your system and you want to try to keep as organized and productive as you can. But then when you’ve got clients, I’m throwing you a curveball here, when clients come to you and they’ve got their own systems, how do you deal with that? Because obviously you have probably your system, do you adapt to that? Do you meet them halfway? How does that work?

No. I’ll always work… Okay, so when I start with a client, the first thing will be a discovery And I will ask these questions, you know, what system do you use? Do you use Outlook or do you use Google, you know, G Suite for emails and scheduling? You see, I’m a big Microsoft fan. I’m a big Microsoft geek. I’ve obviously been brought up in the corporate world. It was Microsoft all the way. Google’s relatively new compared to Microsoft. I know that Google can do amazing things, but you know how it’s, maybe I’m just old. It’s like what you used to do, you know what I mean? I know where I’m going with with Microsoft and life’s just easier for me with Microsoft. I do have clients that use Google and Gmail, it irritates me the way some of the emails are filed and you know you have to put them in labels or rather than


I worked with whatever the client’s got. And also, if the client perhaps… I might recommend things to the client, maybe they are doing something and I actually think, you know what, it would be easier if you use this tool for that.

Absolutely. And this is where your experience comes in to keep things organized. And business owners, for example, I’m the managing director of our business and I have many, many things going on all the time, spinning so many plates. And so if somebody like you, Kath, can come in and support with, OK, we’ll try doing it like this, then you can save a bit more time here and there. And then that helps everything run smoothly. So it’s good that you can make those suggestions.

Exactly. And some people have looked at, oh, well, I’ve got that system. I can’t be doing reviews in that one as well. You know, too many plates to be juggling. But you know, things like Trello are really good for a lot of people. You know, it keeps everything, you know, you’ve literally got a list of everything. It keeps everything very clear. It’s almost like a to-do list. But and then some people just prefer to write a to-do list down, you know, it’s just horses for horses. People work differently, but if I can see a way that somebody can actually, probably, I know that there’s a way that you can save time doing that, I’ll suggest it. Whether they take that on board is entirely up to them, you know, but that’s why I’m here to try and make their lives a little bit more, give them a bit more time back. So if I can do something that will save them some time, I’ll certainly suggest it, whether they go with it.


That’s not on you. That’s not on you. It’s difficult sometimes to change, but if you see the benefits of it and test it, then people are more willing to change. So in terms of things about the job that you do, then what would you say that is the most unique and interesting part of your role working with business owners? Is it mainly business owners you work with?

It’s mainly business owners I work with. I have worked, because I do personal admin as well, I have worked with business owners but nothing to do with the business. So they may be a business owner but they want me to help with their personal admin. I’ve had a client who, they were both business, well, I think her husband worked in the stock exchange and she was a business owner but she was off on maternity leave, she just had twins and I was doing more of the personal things, I was organizing travel, organizing nannies, private jets, I had to organize private jets because it was during Covid and I think if they did the private jet route they didn’t have all the nightmares with all the issues surrounding and not as much time involved. And then at the other end, I’ve got people who are perhaps business owners and I touch on a bit of the business admin but a lot of the stuff again is organizing their own personal I had one client who took me on board to help sort out an issue they’ve got with EDF Energy and I managed to – I don’t know whether you’ve seen my LinkedIn post, George, about this – but I’ve managed to get a £2,000 refund for them from EDF.


Yeah. They had been going backwards and forwards with them for absolutely months and had basically lost the will to live. You need to change your job title then.


And so, they were so pleased.

And it’s like you have kind of tenfold increased what we’ve paid you to do these things, your monthly kind of bill. Sure. We’ve just got back. And you just pick up things like that and just kind of knowing these routines and going down. I took it all with the ombudsman for them basically.

So that’s the next thing. With a business owner, for example, they’re very busy with lots of different things that they feel that their time is valuable in this particular area. And if they have any doubt potentially that they might not get that money back with EDS, for example, and they feel like it might be a waste of time or they know they feel like if they spend that time on that and it doesn’t work then the lost opportunity right so if you can come in and support I mean obviously maybe maybe you’re not advertising your services as purely like claiming back rebates but…

Claiming back rebates of the energy companies, I’ll be a hater to say goodbye to the energy companies. No, you know, it’s just these things that a lot of things can take a lot of time even the most straightforward things like you know changing something on your car insurance can take a while they tell you to do everything online and then you go online and said this bit needs to be done over the phone and you need to phone us and then you’ll phone them and you go around five people and have to explain the same things to each one. You know with any of send an email to them to allow me to do the, you know, on their behalf because I’m not them. Obviously, as a VA, I have to be ICO compliant. So, you know, I work within GDPR. So, it’s something I’m very aware of, as all VA should be and insured. So it’s one of those things that you know having an awareness about things like that as well helps clients when they’re wanting to send out mailing lists and they’ll say I want to send this and I’m and I kind of bring in that well are you sure that you know you’re allowed to aware of the email addresses come from and you know it’s kind of that and some people because quite aware of the things that they could actually fall foul of with the law in that space. So somebody like me who’s aware of that because we have to be ICO compliant. Yeah, so yeah, and your original question, which I’ve probably gone away from, the most exciting thing is I love the variety. I can be doing your normal VA stuff but then I’m organizing, like you said, private jets, I’m organizing away days for companies. But I’m trying to find doggy daycare for somebody. Every day brings interesting new things. Tuesday, this week, I was feeling so one of my big clients, unfortunately, I think they’re going through a lot of a cash flow crisis and they might have to reduce the hours. And I was like, oh my God, what am I going to do? What am I going to do? And I was speaking to somebody on LinkedIn and they said, I’ll just put something on my LinkedIn about if you need a VA. And they did that. Anyway, I had five calls yesterday.


I got three calls set up and then I had two calls come through Facebook and one phone call yesterday of somebody who’d just seen my site on Facebook.


And that’s all within a day. What a rollercoaster.

Yeah, it’s a rollercoaster.

And it really is. And I just think that’s a lot of the things with the Aids as well. A lot of them give up. It’s the whole getting clients thing.

But you can’t give up.

You just have to keep, you know, it’s, and it is all about, you know, just the know, like, and trust factor a lot of it, especially with what we do.


Yeah. I say it’s a rollercoaster, and I say that from personal experience. And I feel you, and I know, and it’s perseverance, and positivity gets everyone along the way,

I think.

I’m a very positive person. You know, I always, I don’t, you know, one of these things I always think I don’t worry about anything, but maybe I should. And then, but then I think, well, no, because I worry about it when it actually happens. Worrying about something that might not happen, why worry? Absolutely. Absolutely. You can control it. You can control. And, you know, unfortunately,

You have to leave the rest of it up to whatever we all believe in. Absolutely. So okay. Let’s move on now to the biggest challenge that you face in your career or maybe the biggest career or in your business or the one thing that sticks out to you that you’ve had to overcome. The biggest role, the biggest dip in your roller coaster that’s up and down like every business owner? Which is the biggest if you had to pick one?

Well, I mean, if you’re talking about career, it would have to be when COVID came and I hadn’t got a job. And I’ve just, it was like, I really didn’t know what to do. I can honestly say had we not had COVID, I would never ever in a million years have set my own business up. It is, you know what I mean, it was one of the good things that came out of Covid. I know there’s not many good things that came out of it but to me, I know for a fact I would not have had the confidence to have done it if it was an option between that and getting another job. I’ll get another job, I’ll get a pay packet in my bank at the end of every month without me having to go out of your comfort zone a bit sometimes, I’ve learned this so much in the past three years because everything is out of my comfort zone. I’ve never had to sell my own me before when I’m working in a corporate role. I probably went in LinkedIn about four times before when I was working for companies and now I’m in there almost, you know, I don’t know how many hours a day. Yeah, I’m in there a lot because, you know, I think it’s a great platform for, you know, for kind of getting yourself visible on. And so I think really, the whole, if you said about my career, the biggest challenge would be that kind of becoming a business owner. I mean I wasn’t young when I was when I started out I was 40, 49 so I was quite old you know to kind of go down that route to start my own business. So it is one of those things that took a lot of kind of you know just self-esteem really, because you know, thinking, oh, I’m not going to be able to do this. How do I do this? And how do I do that?

And this is it, you know, you’ve solved problems for everyone else for many years. And now you’re solving those problems for yourself as well as helping others. But you know, it’s you’ve got the experience behind you. And yeah, you know, it’s good that, that probably, like you said, there’s not many good things that came out of it, but it kind of this allows you to then move forward and go on your own. And that’s a really, really good thing. And it’s amazing that you’ve taken that leap, really.

Yeah, there’s a lot of people, you know, when I got on LinkedIn, I was kind of, I know, you know, inspired by and kind of tried to get a lot of, I got a lot of knowledge about a VA, what we do, and things like that off, you know, people on there. Katherine Gladwin was one of them, and I still think Katherine’s brilliant with what she does. I got her book, you know, How to Be a Virtual Assistant, no less. It was called, and I always say to it even now, it is my Bible, you know, to me. And it’s one of those things that, you know, it’s actually really good that there’s a lot of people out there to give advice. And that’s something I’ve tried to do. Now I’m three years in and you see these new bids kind of coming in. I like to go on like Facebook groups where you see people who’ve just kind of jumped into the world of being a VA and they’ve got all the questions that I had. You know?

Yeah, and that leads nicely onto my segue, amazingly, into what advice would you give to new people coming in to the industry? And is there anything you would have done earlier? Maybe you would have said that you’d have done it earlier, but you know.

Yeah, a bit like my divorce. I should have done it years ago. It’s one of those things that you just, I would never have thought I’d have had the confidence to kind of do. So when, but now looking back, I do wish I’d have done it a long time before. You know, it gives people, it gives you a lot of freedom. I don’t have to ask the boss for a day’s holiday. I am the boss. I decide if I want to have a day’s holiday. You know, it’s popular with a lot of ladies who’ve got younger children because you’ve got that flexibility. You know, you can, you know, ladies who want to do school, my boys are older, but it would have been great when they were younger, you know. I mean, as luck would have it, I was working from home for HP when my boys were little. So I did have that. I could go and do the school run, but I just worked later. Do you know what I mean? But it is one of those things with regard to the advice I mean you know get as much knowledge as you can before you make the kind of jump there’s so much out there that really is so much out there you know even tick tocks full of stuff about virtual assistants you know it’s not a platform I tend to use much but LinkedIn is great you know You Google it. There’s lots of pictures and stuff. One thing I would say, and this is just with my knowledge now and looking at what happens around you, I do think that there can be a lot of people trying to make a lot of money out of people that were new to the business, but you can do so much of it. I never paid a penny for any of the stuff that I kind of learn. I did it all myself. There’s YouTube, there’s a lot of different platforms, there’s a lot of people doing free kind of webinars about stuff. It doesn’t have to be a massive expense. You don’t have to pay somebody, you know, thousands to learn how to do it. If I can do it at my age, you know, okay, I’ve got the background of knowing what the job is.

Absolutely, yeah.

With regards to knowing how to do the job, that’s absolutely fine. The business bit was my issue of running a business, having to do your accounts and I’m a limited company so I have to submit my accounts. I’ve now got an accountant that does that because that’s not my forte at all.

Sure, sure.

So yeah, so that’s…

There’s lots of tasks that you don’t see when you’re in a role that you have to do as a business owner, right?


So all of these things…

Yeah, marketing, sales, all that kind of stuff. You know, I’m terrible at marketing. Even now I go to Netflix.

You’re not.

I’ve seen your website.

You’re not.

Oh, bless you.

Thank you.

This is marketing. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Well, this is it. I’m just trying to, you know, trying to get all these hints and tips as I go along. And it’s every day is a school day, as they say.

Nice, nice. And you mentioned earlier when we were speaking before we started about AI. Maybe you want to talk a little bit about AI. Yeah, well, obviously. Do you think ChatGPT is going to replace it, Kath?

Yeah, you see all these things. Virtual assistants are no more. Chat to UTT is coming to take out all your virtual assistants.

Yeah. I’m marketing people. We’re all doomed.

You’re all doomed. Yeah. This computer that you ask a question and it tells you an answer is going to take all that away and we’re all going to be out of a job. It’s absolute rubbish.


Take it from me. No, it is. I mean, okay, it is brilliant what it can do, but it can’t, we all need the personal touch on things, you know. That chat GPT couldn’t have got that client, that refund on there. They’ve got to sit on the phone all day. They wouldn’t have had the patience. They wouldn’t have had the patience, no. And as I say often with my job, IT and tech is wonderful until it all goes wrong. And then we’re back to the human aspect. And so without that human aspect, I don’t think, you know, anything’s any good. So, yeah, I think it’s good for what it does, but it’s not going to take the

jokes away. Yeah, I totally agree. You know, there’s always going to be a need for someone to speak to a real person who’s going to empathize with them and sympathize with them on that deeper level. And there’s obviously tools that you can suggest to make things easier. But yeah, I totally agree. And it’s the same in the marketing industry as well. Absolutely. So before we finish, is there anything else you want to talk about before you potentially could give your contact details of how people could get in touch with you? Was there anything else?

Yeah, no.

I am.

PA awards.

Oh, the PA awards.

Yes, you’re up for some awards.

I am. I’m up for some awards. I’m up for a couple of awards, actually, in June. I’m in the finals for the Independent VA of the Year. And this is for the PA Forum, West Midlands I’m in. And I’m also in for the Lifetime Achievement Award, which would be lovely because that’s a bit more personal to me than my business. It’s more my, you know, my, basically my lifetime in the profession of doing what I do and being a PA and, you know, always kind of supporting it. And I think it’s absolutely brilliant that these kind of awards are now out there makes people realize that behind every successful company, there is somebody like me or have been like me in the past who’s helping that senior guy along in the background and I think it just gives, puts us in the foreground a bit and gives us a bit of kind of, you know, a bit more acknowledgement. Yeah, and I think it’s really lovely. And so yeah, so I’m involved in that. I was also in a magazine article about two weeks ago about my business. So that was lovely as well. So it’s just really good to get the message out there about what I do and how good a profession it is to be in.

Nice. Nice. Yeah. If you send me that link, we can add that to the show notes, that’s not a problem. So people can visit that article. So how can people get in touch with you, if they want to contact you?

Yeah, well, if anybody wants to contact me, I’m on LinkedIn. I think you probably, I don’t know whether you’ll put my contact details on there, but I’m in as Kath Harrison on all all the social Facebook and LinkedIn. My email address is If anybody wants to drop me an email, you know, I’m more than happy to, you know, have a chat with people and you can approach me, you know, through the messaging channels. I’m on Twitter as well. So, just not on Instagram because Oh, dear.

Oh, no.


But everywhere else.

Yeah, well, I got hacked, actually.

Somebody hacked it.

Oh, no.

Yeah, but I never really got much of Instagram just because I’ve got a corporate background. You know, because of what I do, LinkedIn is where it’s at for me. So I’ve never really been hacked.

And your website as well is, right? It is. It’s on the cup behind me. Yeah, it’s

Awesome. Awesome. Kath, thank you very much for taking time out today to speak to me.

And yeah, it’s lovely to hear your story. And yeah, please get in touch with Kath if you need any support. And thanks for listening, everybody. Thanks a lot. Have a nice day. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye!

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Episode 4: Graduate Talent & Small Business Grants with Bryony Lomax from the University of Derby

George Allsop · 28th March, 2023


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Visibility Agency Digital Marketing Podcast

The Visibility Agency® Digital Marketing podcast is produced by Visibility Agency®, A Digital Marketing Agency Providing Maximum Visibility, Minimum Stress.

The host of the show is George Allsop and he is often joined by Co-Founder, Anna Allsop.

In each episode, we’re either talking to marketers about their journeys and lifting the lid on their experiences or we’re providing insights into best practises and the latest news and trends in the fast paced world of digital marketing.

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