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Competing with UK Bathrooms?

We’ve dissected and spied on the digital marketing strategy of one of the UK’s leading online bicycle retailers. You’ll learn how they attract and convert customers using SEO, Content Marketing, CRO and Social Media.

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Gala Tent Marketing Strategies


Content Marketing

Paid Media

Social Media

Conversion Rate Optimisation

SEO Overview

  • Serious SEO investment began in January 2016
  • 16,299 keywords ranking on Google
  • 6,460 pages rankings on Google
  • 97,100 estimated monthly website visitors
  • Estimated brand traffic accounts for 20,000 monthly visitors
  • Estimated non-brand traffic accounts for 77,100 monthly visitors

Blogs, PDFs, Guides + more

  • Downloadable guides include: "Winter Clothing", "Mountain bike", "Buy Bikes for Children"
  • Additionally: "Electric Bike guide"
  • This page: contains a huge amount of downloadable content

Display Advertising Graphics

  • To view their Paid Media strategy including display advertising graphics, please download the full strategy.

Display Advertising Graphics

  • To view their social media advertising campaigns including graphics, please download the full strategy.

How they convert users

  • To view their conversion rate optimisation strategies, please download the full strategy.

Social Media Campaigns Revealed

Facebook Ad Campaigns

By using creatives which denote exciting adventures, WheelBase are able to engage their customers emotions to encourage conversions on the website.

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Facebook Ad Campaigns

This is a superb example of how WheelBase is using Facebook to engage their customer base. We’ve used our tools to uncover the exact graphics they use on social media to reach their objectives.

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