Posted on 2nd November, 2022

Improve Your eCommerce PPC Strategy With These 11 Tips

Are you looking for ways to improve your eCommerce PPC strategy? You’ve come to the right place. eCommerce PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is a digital marketing strategy that promotes businesses and their products through paid ads. We’re a digital marketing agency that specialises in eCommerce PPC strategies. Below you’ll find 11 Tips To Improve Your PPC Strategy For Your eCommerce Store.

1. Upload Product Feed To Pinterest

Pinterest is a growing social platform which offers a superb range of advertising opportunities. Once such opportunity is the ability to upload your product feed URL to the platform. This then pulls through your products into the free shop tab within your profile. Have you tried this before? Give it a go.


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2. Video Campaign Gain Huge Engagement

A hugely growing part of social media which is expanding each and every year is: video. Video marketing is highly consumed by users of social media. They are easily watched, easily shared and the creator of that content can deliver information quickly and effectively. Marketers can post videos organically and also increase the reach by using video campaigns. Have you tried this campaign type yet?


3. Upload Your Products To Your Facebook Page

Social networks have developed fast over the last couple of years. Facebook has a feature which allows page owners to add their product inventory in their shop feature. This also allows marketers and advertisers to promote those products to people who like the company page. Have you uploaded your products to Facebook yet?


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4. Build Trust With Testimonials

There are multiple ways that you can create ad copy which engages your customers. Using testimonials can be a very powerful way to deliver your message and to build trust between the business and your customers. Whether it’s in text form or a video from your existing customers – the trust this can form is super valuable.  


5. User Generated Content Builds Trust And Drives Sales

Displaying to your potential customers that your products are being used and enjoyed by others is an important message to push. By creating campaigns which promote user generated content can provide both trust and also drive sales. Can you ask your existing customers to record a video using your product? If so, this should be included in your next campaign.


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6. Work With Influencers - Paid Or Gifting

We all know the power that influencers have on social media. They are the popular kids that everybody wants to follow. By working with influencers – they become your promoter. Whether paying an influencer or gifting to an influencer – you’ll be able to get your product in front of your target audience to increase brand awareness and sales.


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7. Putting Budget Behind Your Organic Posts

Are you currently working hard on your organic social media? Do you feel it could do with a little push? With social ads, you’re able to give your organic posts that little push to get them under the nose of your target audience. We would recommend avoiding the “Boost” button on Facebook Ads platforms, but there are other ways to get your post to go further.

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8. Look-a-like Audiences Of People Who Purchased

Once the Facebook Pixel has been implemented, it will begin tracking conversions. Once we have conversion data, we’re able to create look-a-like audiences which essentially find people who are similar to those who converted. This means we’re able to create a brand new prospecting campaign and the audience are people who are likely to convert.

9. Install The Facebook Pixel Today - Without Delay

Data is the fuel to every marketing expert. One of the first tasks should be to implement the Facebook Ads Pixel. This means, any campaigns which run, you’ll be able to see which campaigns saw conversions and actions which are pre-selected. It also opens up other opportunities such as look-a-like audiences.


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10. Pinterest Ads Platform - 70% Women Demographic Skew

A less popular, but up and coming ads platform is Pinterest. This platform is great for niches like: Home and Garden and Fashion verticals. The main demographic of users is 70% skew toward womens. There are great opportunities for prospecting, remarketing and catalogue sales. Have you checked out the platform before?

11. Upload Existing Email List To Facebook Ads

Social media platforms offer a range of opportunities to get in front of your target audience. Another such opportunity is the ability to upload your own list of email addresses which have already been prospected elsewhere. On Facebook, there is a campaign which allows you to upload email addresses directly. This allows advertisers to re-engage with people and to promote new product launches for example, or refer to friend schemes.

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