Posted on 2nd November, 2022

9 Tips To Enhance Your eCommerce PPC Strategy

Are you trying to enhance PPC strategies for your eCommerce store but not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. eCommerce PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is a digital marketing strategy that promotes businesses and their products or services through paid ads. We’re a digital marketing agency that specialises in eCommerce PPC strategies. Below you’ll find our 9 Tips To Enhance Your eCommerce PPC Strategy.

1. Make Better Strategic Decisions With Auction Insights

As marketers, we’re able to make better strategic decisions if we have insightful data available to us. With Google Ads, it’s possible to spy on your competitors using the Auction Insights report. Data available includes information on: Impression share, overlap rate, outranking share, position above rate, top of page rate and absolute top-of-page rate. We recommend regularly checking this report as it can help you make strategic decisions about bidding and budgeting.


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2. See Your Competitors Paid Keywords

All marketers love data to make better decisions. When it comes to spying on your competitors’ paid advertising methods, there are a number of tools which can provide great info. Semrush has an advertising dashboard which provides a breakdown of keywords which a particular website is bidding on. The name of this tab is: “Advertising Research”.

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3. Remarket To People Who Had A Full Basket

Display advertising can be a powerful tool to encourage people back to the website. Usually, eCommerce strategies implement a strategy of “didn’t convert?” = remarket. However, there is a more targeted way to do this. Consider this: Scenario 1: Somebody has walked into your shop, walked around and walked out the door. Scenario 2: Somebody has walked into your shop, filled their trolley with loads of items, got cold feet and walked out the door, leaving their trolley full near the exit. Now, who would you say has a higher purchase intent? Scenario 2 is segmenting your remarketing audiences to people who had placed items into your website’s online basket and then left the website. They’ve never bought from you before, and they’re red hot leads to chase after.


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4. Use Promo Codes Directly Within Your Ad Copy

Using incentives within advertising isn’t a new idea. In fact, it’s been around for many years in traditional advertising. Whether you’re managing your campaigns or another company’s – reviewing your ad copy is an important task to ensure the message and the hook are enough to convince people onto your landing page. Try adding a promotion code within the ad copy and test to see if your click-through-rate improves.

5. Remarket Hard To People That Stayed Longer

When people talk about remarketing – there are a bunch of basic audiences which spring to mind. Here is an example which could prove useful within your paid remarketing strategy. If somebody is walking around a physical shop for longer than the average person, they’re interested. This can also apply online. Try creating an audience of people that stayed a long time on your website. The exact time would depend on the time your average visitor stays on your website. The people in this audience are warmer than your average, therefore we’d be willing to pay more to get in front of that audience.


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6. Spend More On Long-tail Keyword Campaigns

People who are searching because they’re looking to buy – search differently. Broad and generic keywords, while they can be useful and bring in sales, are less likely to convert than keywords which have more detail within them. By creating campaigns which target long-tail, very specific terms which relate to products are a great way to improve your campaigns conversion rates. These types of campaigns you should be willing to spend more on, given they are more particular.

7. The Best Campaign Type For eCommerce Is Shopping Ads

When it comes to paid media campaigns, there are multiple tools at our disposal. From text campaigns, to display campaigns to shopping ads. Although all campaigns, if set up correctly, will generate results – by far the standout campaign type for eCommerce is Shopping Ads. If you haven’t yet ventured into full Shopping Ad Campaigns – you could be really missing out on sales.


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8. Send Remarketing Traffic To A New Improved Page

When designing paid campaigns, it’s important to consider the customer journey. If a person has visited your website and bounced off – you may wish to remarket to that person. But let’s say that person visited the homepage, and they’re in your audience – and the remarketing campaign is trying to send that person back to the homepage. Do you think you’re likely to get a better result the second time round? Well, maybe – everybody is different. However, have you tried sending that person to another page that they haven’t yet visited – with an improved offer, and a better call-to-action. Give it a try and test the outcome.

9. Tracking A Variety Of Conversion Metrics For Better Insights

Defining the measurement of success is crucial. Actual sales and enquiries (whether phone or email) are the normal, obvious success measures. However, it might be worth considering tracking a host of other metrics to measure whether campaigns are engaging your customers. Examples of other metrics include: lead forms, adding to basket, clicking certain elements on the page – this can help to build a bigger picture of which campaigns are engaging your target audience.


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