Posted on 18th October, 2022

5 Reasons Why Fire and Security Businesses Need Digital Marketing

Are you concerned you’re not communicating effectively to fit-out companies? Develop a marketing strategy that engages them to begin sending projects your way. Below we’ve detailed out 5 reasons why Fire and Security businesses need Digital Marketing to get in front of the right people. Learn how to speak to your target customer and land new contracts in 2022 and beyond.

1. Growing Website Traffic and Increasing Enquiries

Managing your team along with all the fire safety projects you’re contracted for can take its toll – so increasing website traffic can often take a backseat.

Our team helps companies like yours to find the right keywords and create content that drives your target visitors to the website. We choose key phrases which are highly likely to engage your target audience. We use impressive sales funnel techniques to encourage new conversations that lead to sales.

Whether you’re looking to win projects with Housing Associations, Hotel Chains and Hospitality business or Fit-Out or Property Management Companies – there are specific ways we can look to engage individuals at these organisations.

2. Lowering Risk and Outsourcing Digital Marketing

A huge issue many companies have is lack of understanding of the exact strategy that is needed. Although the broader strategy is in place – the nuts and bolts of how to use each platform can be time consuming with little impact in the end.

Hiring marketing professionals and digital marketing professionals can be costly and difficult to manage as a lack of knowledge of what is a good outcome can be tricky.

Working with a small team of digital marketing experts with set objectives and outcomes will help you to hand over the responsibility and give you peace of mind that the strategy is being pushed forward.

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3. Too Many Marketing Strategies - Not Enough Time

You’ll be aware there are plenty of digital marketing strategies and ways to increase leads and sales. When you speak to marketing professionals, you’ll probably discover a whole load of new techniques too.

It’s just not possible to do them all…

…however there is a solution.

As this is what we do, day in, day out – we know which strategies work and which don’t – as well as which will get you closer to the end goal as quickly as possible.

Prioritising in which order you tackle your digital marketing strategies is crucial to gaining a ROI.

4. Keeping Up With The Competition

The truth is – your competition, the companies that you look up to – have already begun pushing ahead with their digital marketing strategy.

To remain competitive – you should make your marketing achieve a ROI as soon as possible and re-invest money into longer term marketing strategies for the future.

An example of this would be the creation of content assets to drive leads. By creating content and providing value – you’ll be able begin the conversation and take your customer to the next stage.

5. Positioning Yourselves As Experts In Fire + Safety

How can you showcase the expertise of your engineers within fire safely? How are you able to communicate the right message?

Messages and Stories are really important. Consider who is your target customer, what are their demographics and what challenges can you help them with?

Once you look through the lens of who you’re trying to communicate with – it becomes easier to write the messages which will resonate and then allow you to position yourself as experts.

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We've done this before...

…Marketing campaign generates 148% increase in enquiries

Client Overview

MX Display Limited are specialists in the design, development, manufacturing and installation of large format printed graphics for commercial settings. They have worked with huge organisations such as Cancer Research UK, Coca-Cola and many more. They provide innovative designs to every project they conduct with a key focus around the level of superb service they provide to their customers. Visibility has worked with the team at MX Display since 2019 and have developed a marketing strategy which consistently delivers results.

The Brief

Although we work with MX Display on a range of other channels, this case study focuses on the SEO strategy. We were tasked with increasing the visibility of their keywords in organic positions on Google and other search engines. We needed to generate additional brand awareness to increase the number of leads and sales.

Their core objectives were:

  • Increase number of keywords ranking relating to high value printed produced year-on-year
  • Increase organic traffic year-on-year to key product and category pages
  • Increase organic conversions year-on-year for key high margin projects

The Strategy

Market Insights Strategy

One of the most important aspects of SEO and any marketing in general is to understand who the customer is, what they want and which messages they are most likely to respond to. We set about with numerous planning sessions to really get under the skin of MX Display to find out what their customers want.

Website Optimisation Strategy

Whenever the Visibility team gets their hands on a new client’s website, there are often changes which can be made to the existing website to boost traffic, leads and sales in a short time. Optimising current pages in certain ways to increase their visibility in the search results is the goal.

Full strategy can be found here:

The Results

We’ve been generating results for MX Display since 2019. Here are just some of the achievements we’ve made with the account: Year-on-year increases of 107% in website traffic 110% increase in new users year-on-year Bounce rate has been reduced by 7%, A huge 148% increase in website conversions

About Visibility

Visibility is a remote digital marketing agency that supports partner organisations throughout the UK and the wider world to improve their leads and sales through digital technologies.

A recognised agency

Our team has worked hard on clients campaigns and we’ve successfully gained Google Partner, Microsoft Ads Partner, Shopify Partner and Keap Certified Partner statuses. We’re highly qualified in a variety of digital marketing disciplines so you know your campaigns are in safe hands.

Our Why?

At our core, we love to help people. Running a digital marketing agency is much more than just generating profits for our partners. We support business owners and marketing managers to grow companies that help people – whether it’s a product or service; they exist to solve a solution for another person. We love to improve the knowledge of our partners as well as their customers’ knowledge of their sectors through blogs and other educational content.

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