Posted on 2nd November, 2022

10 Ways To Improve Your eCommerce SEO

Are you trying to improve SEO strategies for your eCommerce store but not sure how? You’ve come to the right place. SEO for eCommerce is a marketing strategy that helps websites rank higher in search engine results pages. We’re a digital marketing agency that specialises in eCommerce SEO strategies. Below you’ll find 10 Ways To Improve Your eCommerce SEO.

2. Use Paid Data To Decide Which Keywords To Target

If you’ve ever run Paid Campaigns with keywords, then you’ll have data which can be useful when it comes to your eCommerce SEO strategy. Take a look at your previous campaigns and find those keywords which you saw sales or conversions from. These keywords should be high priority – as you have just proven with your own data that these terms, if ranked highly, will lead to the outcomes you’re looking for.


3. Check The Data From Your Search Bar For Insights

On most eCommerce websites, there’s a search bar which provides the website visitors with the opportunity to search the store in its entirety. This search bar can collect a lot of useful data which can be turned into a new SEO strategy. When you analyse this data, you might begin to see trends that a lot of your customers are searching for products which aren’t easy to find using your current website layout. If so, consider making those products more visible. You may also find that customers are searching for a product which you don’t have – in that case you may wish to consider adding to your range.


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4. Check For Keyword Cannibalisation

A huge problem which can occur when running an eCommerce store is that the many people who are involved in the growth of the business may not communicate effectively with each other. Therefore, it’s worth it to run regular checks to see whether there are any duplications when it comes to similar pages. What all SEO marketers want to avoid is 2 or more pages which are targeting the same keyword. If this occurs, then you’re seriously holding your website back in ranking for that keyword. Google simply doesn’t know which page to prioritise, so it doesn’t prioritise any. Make the check and choose 1.

5. Are Your Category Descriptions Detailed Enough?

It’s quite often the case that eCommerce stores aren’t competitive enough page for page. It’s important to research your competition thoroughly so that the content you write on you category pages for example is up to the same standard and in fact better than your competition. If it falls short of being better than the competition, then you won’t be competitive in the SERPs.


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6. Check The Mobile Website Using PageSpeed Insights

A huge consideration by Google is how well your mobile version of your website performs. A simple check with the PageSpeed Insights tool can reveal a lot. If your mobile site isn’t up to scratch – then you’re seriously harming your chances of your website ranking well on desktop.

7. Internal Linking

Internal linking within product category pages can help guide users and searchers from one page to another on your website, and is one of the most overlooked parts of an SEO Strategy. By placing internal links on your pages, you are building an ecosystem within your website, keeping readers on your pages and increasing your likelihood of engagement or conversions. Ensure that within blogs that you link to important blogs.


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8. Duplicate Content

When was the last time you checked for duplicate content? Make sure to run a test and ensure that the percentage of duplicate content is down to a minimum. The lower the percentage of duplicate content, the better for your ability for it to rank.

10. Focus on Page 2 and Page 3 keywords

It can take time for fresh content to rank on the search engines. A quick win can be achieved from improving the existing content of your website. Take a look at your keyword rankings and highlight those key phrases sitting on Page 2 and Page 3. These are existing URLs and have been indexed by Google for a while. This is the perfect opportunity to encourage higher rankings by improving the level of detail provided on these pages.

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