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Organic Search (SEO)

See how we supported a Yorkshire based Cyber Security firm to develop their online marketing strategies and improve their rankings in the search results.

Client Overview

Samurai Security is a Cyber Security firm based in Chesterfield. The duo of directors, David Day & Neil Richardson set up the company after leaving their high flying roles at the University of Sheffield where they headed up the Cyber Security programme. They managed to build a team of 7 and required new offices shortly after launch.


New Website Visitors


Organic Traffic Driven in 2019

The Brief

The priority for David & Neil was to firstly understand the core principles of digital marketing for them to be able to make informed decisions going forward. The second part of the brief was to advise on Organic Search campaigns from the ground up which required the creation of a detailed marketing strategy to take them forward to gain more Cyber Security leads and sales.

The Strategy

The Cyber Security niche that Samurai Security operates in is a relatively developing market. Knowledge of their subject is very limited among business owners – it was therefore recommended that David & Neil become thought leaders in their industry and become the go to experts. The best social media platform to share their knowledge and up-to-date developments of the industry is undoubtedly LinkedIn – as it is THE platform for B2B networking. 

A strong content marketing strategy was recommended to get the message out there of their brand, what they stand for and how they can help business owners. Video content, blogs and even hosting a podcast are all superb ways to generate an audience and help businesses become a source of knowledge in their niche.

From an Organic Search perspective, that is, gaining increased visibility on the search engines – the Samurai Digital Security website certainly needed some SEO TLC! A core principle of Search Engine Optimisation is to separate out an organisations services into multiple pages. This is useful not only for the user journey, to make things more accessible, but from a keyword ranking perspective. It’s important to have 1 page per set of keywords. 

Keyword research and competitor keyword research was conducted and all related terms segmented. It’s often difficult in developing industries for everybody to understand what everything should be named. Often there are more than a couple of phrases for the same service and with the competition not really having a clear grasp either, it was important to have detailed discussions on exactly how everything fits together.

The Results

Since the Digital Consultancy, the company has gone on to attract over 3,200 visitors to its website since its launch, with 87% of those being new visitors. Overall in 2019, Organic Search traffic has made up 46% of their total traffic.

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