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Organic Search (SEO) | Paid Search (PPC)

Discover how we were able to improve their Paid Search (PPC) campaigns to improve profitability for this well known Derby based printers.

Client Overview

Mercia Image Print was founded by Amanda Strong back in 1989 and is an established, well-known and respected printer in Little Eaton in Derby. They’re known for their quality service, exceptional high quality products and quick turnarounds. It was a pleasure to work with Amanda and her team.

The Brief

Visibility Agency was appointed to support the digital transformation of Mercia Image Print. We were asked to support the in-house sales team with the Google Ads Paid Search campaigns, to manage them to become more effective and profitable.


The Strategy

The initial steps with any digital marketing consultation, is to truly understand what the business owner or marketing manager wants to achieve. We set about finalising the intended outcomes and created a strategy to support that. Increasing traffic to the website, increasing the number of leads and ultimately the bottom line were key goals.

One of the initial actions we took was to ensure that the Google Ads account was shaped in a more cost-effective manner. We did this by conducting extensive keyword research and competitor analysis to find those terms which had high search volume in the areas we wanted to target and those with high search intent to purchase.

The keyword research pulled out a number of important keywords that the website didn’t have the strong content on. We developed a core content plan to be our blueprint for the strategy going forward. The content plan created was designed for the in-house team to implement and focused on the importance of alternative terms for products and services as well as highly searched relevant blogs.

The Results

After overhauling the Google Ads account, we were able to dramatically reduce wasted spend and we were able to increase budgets in more important areas.

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