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Discover how we helped to transform the digital strategy of Loughborough based technology firm Forest Rock by developing their online marketing strategies.

Client Overview

Forest Rock is a leading Internet of Things organisation that specialises in developing software that integrates operational technologies in a commercial setting. As well as Master Systems Integration, they also support their customers with platform training, energy management solutions, integration consultancy as well as a huge range of products available to buy on their online store.


Increase in Total Traffic YoY


Increase in Organic Traffic YoY

The Brief

The priorities for the management team at Forest Rock were to increase their brand awareness, number of leads and of course the bottom line – sales. Given the nature of the organisation with multiple products and services as well as distribution channels – the team at Visibility knew that prioritisation would be a key consideration.

The Strategy

The industry of the Internet of Things is fast growing and we knew that we wanted to create the foundations and do the groundwork to enable us to create campaigns that display the corporate values and messaging in the right way.

Working with their in-house team, Visibility consulted on the design and build of the website which included the market research, competitor research and keyword research. This was done to establish that the direction for the new site, given the number of services offered, would be the right one.

The next steps were to generate great content for our potential customers to be able to visit when they arrive on the website. We wanted to create an engaging homepage and clearly outline the fullness of the services that Forest Rock offer.

2020, as we all know, wasn’t a normal year. We were able to adapt our plans to suit the needs of the organisation and build campaigns which focused on the core areas required at that moment in time. We developed campaigns around free trials of software that Forest Rock offers its customers. Given the mood music within the global market, we seized the opportunity with our customer base being at home to help support them to learn new skills for free, all whilst providing a platform to demonstrate how the products and services that Forest Rock offer can support them and their organisations.

The Results

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we saw some fantastic results in 2020 for our digital partner Forest Rock. Total traffic rose by 1,818 % Year-On-Year and from that we saw an 868% Year-on-Year increase in organic traffic. Although we cannot share the details, with a change in how their customers purchase products, we also saw a huge growth in online sales with a big contributor of that being Organic Search (SEO) and Paid Search (PPC).

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