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Learn how we’ve begun to support a Nottingham based technology firm as they begin to scale their marketing efforts through digital consultancy and organic search (SEO).

Client Overview

Flo 10 is a technology company based in Nottingham, that have designed an online platform that integrates with leading project management systems for the construction industry. This software specialises in intranet and project management making it easier to manage teams and departments.

The Brief

One of the first steps we take for any digital consultation projects is to establish what our Digital partners want to achieve, clearly outlining goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Like most businesses, Flo 10 wanted to increase its customer base through enhanced brand awareness, or traffic to the website that’s relevant and more contact forms filled in.

The Strategy

We conducted extensive keyword research and competitor analysis to establish the most important terms that are searched when the potential clients of Flo10 are looking on the search engines. From this, we were able to create an extensive content plan to be the basis of the ongoing digital transformation of the company’s website.

The team at Visibility were able to work closely with Founder Matthew Nickerson to develop organic search (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) strategies that utilises the existing resource of the in-house team.

The Results

We’ve received superb feedback from the Managing Director and continue to support their growth primarily through digital consultancy.

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