SEO project increases ranking keywords by 73%

Organic Search (SEO)

Workforce Skills Support – Construction Training Provider

Client Overview

Workforce Skills Support Limited is one of the UK’s leading providers of construction training providing qualifications and skills training to construction workers of all levels both online and in the classroom. The team at Visibility worked closely with directors Natalie, Mark and Sean to improve their online presence.


Increase in keywords ranking

The Brief

Although we work with Workforce Skills Support on a range of other channels, this case study focuses on the SEO strategy. We were given the challenge of improving the amount of traffic driven to the website via important high intent keywords which relate to the training programmes they provide to their clients.

There were a number of KPI’s set, these were:

  • Increase amount of traffic to the core high margin training courses
  • Increase the amount of conversions those training courses receive
  • Improve revenue year-on-year from organic channels

The Strategy

1. Competitor Analysis

It’s a crucial part of any marketing strategy to look at the competition we were up against. We used our tools to spy on the competitors website strategies and main insights into the probable best way forward. We were able to pick apart their content strategy as well as backlink strategy to reveal how we were going to be competitive.

2. Keyword Research

Based on multiple internal meetings, we were able to gain insights into who the customers were, what their needs were and the sorts of terms they would be looking for when it comes to construction training. We conducted in-depth keyword research to map out the array of key phrases related to each individual training programme. The formed the basis for the content strategy going forward. 

3. User Experience Review

The importance of creating a great user experience on a website’s landing pages cannot be overstated. We conducted research into the competition, how they operated and drew on our understanding and experience of best practice to advise on changes to the landing pages to showcase Workforce Skills Support in the best light as well as to build trust with the user. The whole purpose of this exercise is to improve the amount of conversions the landing pages achieve.  

The Results

So far in the first 6 months of working with Workforce Skills Support, we’ve been really happy with the results so far. We have been able to provide them with a much greater level of visibility on Google and other search engines.

Here is the main achievement so far:

  • Increase in the ranking of high intent keywords by a huge 73%


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