SEO project generates 49% increase in targeted traffic

Organic Search (SEO)

Flo10 – Intranet + Project Management

Client Overview

Flo10 is a technology company based in Nottingham, that has designed an online platform that integrates with leading project management systems for the construction industry. This software specialises in intranet and project management making it easier to manage teams and departments. Visibility has worked with the team at Flo10 since late 2020 and have developed a range of digital marketing strategies that reach their target audience.


increase in organic visits year-on-year


increase in total visits year-on-year

The Brief

Although we work with Flo10 on a range of other services, this case study focuses on the SEO strategy. We were given the task to take a look at their market and develop a digital marketing strategy to achieve a set of objectives. Flo10, like most businesses, wanted to increase the number of their customers they worked with.

Their core objectives were:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase the amount of traffic year-on-year
  • Increase the number of enquiries

The Strategy

1.Competition Analysis

Being a technology brand in a small niche, we needed to ensure that we fully understood what the competitors of Flo10 were up to. We used our tools to take an in-depth look at their content, link building and technical strategies. We used this information to formulate the steps in the SEO strategy.

2.Keyword Research

Our team worked closely with internal teams to understand all areas of the Flo10 software and completed keyword research to find every possible relevant term. We covered all bases to ensure the content plan would include all of the most important elements of the software and answer the questions the target audience would be looking for.

3.Content Strategy

We developed a content strategy that was to be implemented by internal teams. This was designed in a way to ensure that the most important terms would be worked on first. To decide the order of priority that the content should be written, we included the highest intent keywords first or those keywords which signify people are ready to buy.

4.Full Technical Audit

Quite early on, it was discovered there were a number of technical issues with the website. To be as competitive as possible, it’s important that website owners ensure the technical side of their website is on par and better than their competitors. We completed a full technical audit of their site to identify issues which should be fixed to be as competitive as can be.

The Results

We’ve been generating results for Flo10 since 2020.

Here are just some of the achievements we’ve made with the account:

  • 49% increase in organic visits year-on-year
  • 72% increase in total visits year-on-year


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